Mission: Cultivating Growth, Enriching Results through People

Vision: To utilize partnerships & neuroscience-based, evidence-informed approaches to cultivate leadership practices that improve organizational health and trust, foster a growth mindset, build a strong workforce, and enhance service delivery to forward organizational, client, and fiscal results.

Allies4Outcomes (A4O) is a nationally & NC-certified Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB) that partners with local, state, and federal government agencies, Universities, and non-profit organizations, and other allies to drive systemic change. A4O’s capacity-building approach is grounded in implementation science and utilizes a multi-tiered framework that connects learning to day-to-day policy application to practice, decision-making, and leadership.

Methodology: Methodology: Allies4Outcomes partners with organizations to deliver a neuroscience-based, evidence-informed, and experience-based leadership approach to consulting, training, observation and feedback loops, and capacity-building services to drive systemic change. A4O’s capacity-building model is grounded in implementation science and utilizes a multi-tiered, equity-focused framework that connects learning to day-to-day policy application to practice, decision-making, and leadership.

Foundational Values


Partnership is based on trust, transparent communication, inquiry, and learning

Addressing Bias

Addressing bias, including the lived-experience lens, and forwarding equity in human services organizations matters to service delivery


Leaders, Managers, Supervisors, and Workers have gifts to bring to human services work, we work to amplify their gifts


Every jurisdiction is unique, and we tailor our partnership to those distinctive strengths, areas of growth and solutions


Belonging and Inclusion are crucial to service delivery and supervision


We are always learning – we bring a continuous quality improvement mindset

Capacity Building Results

  • Partner with U.S. jurisdictions, NC counties, and state DHHS to improve service delivery outcomes, accelerate progress towards achieving Program Improvement Plan goals successfully.
  • Improve Supervision & Worker Practice in child welfare through coaching, training, modeling, field observation, feedback loops, and continuous quality improvement tools and practices.
  • On-boarding and “in the field” coaching for new workers, applying learning from Pre-Service Training, policy, engagement, and practice models
  • Teach, apply, and operationalize leadership practices that improve trust, psychological safety, belonging, and outcomes
  • Improve child welfare performance measures and organizational, fiscal, and client outcomes
  • Enhance organizational health and a resilient culture and climate through implementation of leadership practices
  • Cultivate trauma-informed systems approach to service delivery to ensure individuals, children, and families feel physically and psychologically safe
  • Engage lived experience through youth and family voice related to policy, practice, leadership, and communication to improve trust
  • Improve competency-based workforce hiring, engagement, performance, and retention
  • Development of high-trust and efficient teams through equity, inclusion, and belonging strategies, resulting in improved team performance
  • Alignment of cross-system collaboration to improve social determinants of health and address generational healing, social and racial justice issues, and adverse childhood experiences
  • Forward public trust coordinated cross-system collaboration and transparent communication of leadership strategies to address systemic issues
Leadership Development & Consulting Services

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