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who we are

Allies4Outcomes (A4O) is a Woman-Owned Small Business (certified by NC-HUB) that partners with local, state, and federal government agencies, Universities, non and for-profit organizations, and other partners to improve leadership and organizational trust; provides child welfare evaluation, technical assistance, and program improvement plans; cultivate a resilient, healthy, culture and climate; develop organizational trust & team psychological safety; understand and cultivate diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging, and advance workforce recruitment, hiring, onboarding, and retention.  A4O has many partners and consultants within our community of business that collaborate to seamlessly deliver a continuum of services to serve jurisdictions.  Our mission is to deliver neuroscience-based, evidence-informed, and experience-based leadership consulting services to drive change, resulting in the improvement of organizational health, change agility, and organizational, fiscal, and client outcomes. 

Through our consultant’s expertise and our partnerships, we facilitate training and work in partnership with other organizations to deliver innovative training through diverse methodologies.  There is an enhanced technical assistance consultant team that works both onsite and virtually with counties to improve child welfare practices, apply policy to decision-making and practice, and improve processes through supervision coaching, program development, and realignment, and implementing a continuous quality that drives improvement. The enhanced technical assistance team works with counties that desire to improve safety, permanence, and wellbeing outcomes, whether the county is proactively shifting practice or through a performance development plan or corrective action plan with DHHS. In addition, the team members are subject matter experts across all health and human services programs, fiscal, and operational topics.

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Our Mission

Allies4Outcomes delivers neuroscience-based, evidence-informed, and experience-based leadership consulting services to drive change and intentionally improve organizational trust, inclusion, and belonging to promote a resilient, culture and climate, and enhance organizational, fiscal, and client outcomes.

Overall Impact of A40
Consultation and Service Delivery

Leadership Development & Consulting Services

Our Services

Allies4Outcomes works within a community of business and is tethered to The REAL Academy for a variety of services, including co-consulting, surveys, simulation labs within training, and Six Sigma Lean processes.


We bring over 30 years’ experience in progressively responsible executive leadership roles, including private, non-profit, state, and local government.


Our team partners with Directors and leadership to improve outcomes in all program areas within human services organizations.

National Presentations & Publications

Neuroleadership, various topics related to Leadership, Workforce Retention, Cultivating a Healthy, Resilient Culture and Climate; Diversity, Inclusion and Equity.

Cultivating a Resilient Organizational Culture and Climate

Root cause analysis using qualitative and quantitative methods. Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging Work. Practices to increase organization trust and psychology safety.

Leadership Training Suite

Engagement and empowerment of staff, that promote development, leadership succession and success in implementing practice strategies that support outcomes

Workforce Recruitment, Hiring, and Retention

Implementation of recruitment strategies based on need established by data and team.