Leadership Training Suite

Coaching Directors, Administrators, Supervisors, and the Workforce


Yearlong sessions, tailored to the organization, includes monthly community of practice sessions

Cultural Humility

Includes Diversity Equity and Inclusion Sessions and Coaching

Supervisory Training

Supervisory and Program Manager Training tailored to your organization's needs.

Resiliency Training

3 levels – direct practioner, supervisor, and directors/administrators

Leadership Coaching

These are a series of trainings focused on leadership competencies (organization’s competencies will be aligned), leadership coaching, communication, cultivating a positive organizational climate and culture, multi-generational workforce management, workforce retention and utilizing continuous quality improvement across the organization to improve and meet federal performance measures

Training Suite Leadership

Organizational View of Secondary Trauma

Identification of secondary traumatic stress; impact of STS on executive function; impact of STS on the organization, team and individual practitioner; how leaders can cultivate positive organizational climate & culture and action planning to implement strategies within the organization.

Practices for leading through a child fatality or other critical incident, both internally and externally, including media.

Sustainable Change Systems and Management

Linked to your organizations continuous quality improvement system, this module helps leaders hone skills that ensure continuous focus on the vision and outcomes and implementation of strategies that are targeted towards your goals.

Engagement and empowerment of staff, that promote development, leadership succession and success in implementing practice strategies that support outcomes (includes celebrating successes)

Training Suite Supervisors & Managers (All Program Areas)

Structured critical thinking model for child safety

Supervision and Manager 101

These trainings are tailored to fit the specific audience and role of the class participants.

Additional Supervisory & Manager Trainings