Child Welfare Consulting

A4O has a cadre of subject matter experts with lived-experience within child welfare, who deliver strategic consulting services and technical assistance to organizations. We are committed to systematic improvements for both children & families and the workforce that delivers child welfare services in our communities.  Our focus is on safety, permanency, and well-being and strengthening the connections for children with their families and within their communities.  We also are committed to cultivating a trauma-responsive system within child welfare organizations.  We utilize research related to Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE’s), social determinants of health, and secondary traumatic workforce stress to build trauma-responsive organizations that support both their clients and their workforce.
Leadership Development & Consulting Services
Leadership Development & Consulting Services

Intensive Technical Assistance Team for all Social Services and/or Health and Human Services Programs: 

Our team partners with Directors and leadership to improve outcomes in all program areas within human services organizations.  We work to help improve service delivery proactively, or as outlined in NC DHHS improvement plans.  This includes an  Assessment of Needs, Strategy Formulation, and Implementation of programmatic changes, and liaison with NC DHHS and the organization.

Change Management and Implementation

Use Implementation Science to drive change forward upon direction of the Director/Leadership or work in partnership with the leader and/or their team to executive strategies towards change; manages change through communication, staff engagement, informing stakeholders, and fiscal impact – during implementation of IT changes, a new continuous quality improvement system, or other large scale changes, consultants help manage the culture and climate, solicit feedback for implementation, and has oversight of risk management

Programmatic evaluation, recommendations, and implementation of strategies

Evaluation of status of achievement of outcomes within all program areas, engagement with staff to develop ideas for solution, and implementation of change strategies in partnership with leadership within DSS and HHS

Aging and Adult Services Planning

Work in conjunction with Area Agencies on Aging, HHS or DSS, and other stakeholders and Boards.
Development and implementation of state Program Improvement Plans related to Child & Family Service Reviews (CFSR) child welfare performance measures (Safety, Permanence, and Wellbeing), Child & Family Services Plans, and Annual Progress and Service Reports (APSR)
One on One, new Director coaching (linked to Director training) and  Community of Practice for Program Administrators (Regional Model)

Strategic Planning:​

Facilitation and development in alignment with mission, vision, and values.

Communication & Feedback Loops
Development of a multi-modal communication strategy with the workforce and stakeholders; Shape communications to create a positive work climate using the SCARF (Status, Certainty, Autonomy, Relatedness & Fairness) model.

Leadership Development & Consulting Services

Practice Implementation: